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Lead Acid Battery

1) Valve regulated maintenance-free lead-acid battery characteristics:
Sealing: The battery compartment cover, pole double-sealed design to prevent leakage of acid, a reliable safety valve to prevent outside air and dust into the internal battery.
Maintenance-free: H2O regenerative capacity, high sealing efficiency of the reaction, the battery without pay or make up the acid to maintain throughout the process.
Safe and reliable: No acid overflow, reliable safety valves and explosion-proof device to the battery in the entire process more secure and reliable.
Long-life design: computer refined the design of corrosion-resistant calcium pewter and other multiple alloy grid, ABS corrosion resistant material shell, a high sealing efficiency of the reaction, thus ensuring a long battery life.

2) High performance:
(1) Weight, volume energy, the resistance of small, high output power.
(2) Charge-discharge performance. The self-discharge less than a month and 2% (20℃).
(3) To restore good performance, deep discharge or charger failure, short circuit for 30 days, can still be charged to restore its capacity.
(4) Without a balanced charge. Due to the resistance of individual cells, capacity, consistency float voltage to ensure that the battery in a floating state without a balanced charge.
Adaptable temperature: -25 ~ 50 ℃ under the security.
Easy to use and transport safety: Man charged the factory, there is no free electrolyte, the battery can be placed horizontally, and non-hazardous materials, water and land transportation.

3) Applications

Backup power supply for Communication System
Backup power supply for Electric Power Systems
Motor area
Railway System Application
Peak Load Compensate for energy storage
Marine system
Wind power reserve
Electric cars
UPS and computer backup power supply
Emergency Power Supply for Power Systems
Power devices for mine
Fire-fighting and safeguard system
Emergency illumination
Medical equipment
Solar Power Reserve
Alarm system

4) Technical performance

5) Battery Terminal

6) Construction and Electrolyte

7) Charging and Discharging Characteristics Curve

8) Valve-regulated maintenance-free gel batteries of GT

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